Gad Saad believes everything in Lebanon is defined by identity politics

Gad Saad said in an interview ‘In Lebanon, everything is defined by identity politics. In this case, it was your religious heritage. There’s an internal card in Lebanon, which basically is like an internal passport that states, very prominently, your religion. And if you were Jewish, they didn’t even write “Jewish,” they wrote “Israelite.” So it even creates greater animus against you, even though you’ve got nothing to do with Israel and you’re Lebanese. So I saw what identity politics does to a society, and to now see it lauded as a wonderful way to organize society 45 years after I left Lebanon is quite disheartening.’

Gad Saad on Cancel Culture, Idea Pathogens and the Future of Discourse (newsweek.com)

I have to agree with Gad Saad here. When your justification for a political action is effectively discrimination of identity, you open a space for people with other bigoted views to say “Why can’t I do this things you’re doing?” And there’s really no good answer other than “What I do is good discrimination and what you do is bad discrimination”. Not a good argument IMO.