Finn Wolfhard tweets about age requirements for 99 cent shows in Vancouver and tags BC politicians

Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard

Youth Rights

# Pro Young People Allowed in Shows
28 Jun 2019

In an interview with CBC, Finn Wolfhard said

So you have to be 19 and up to go to 99 per cent of shows in Vancouver, and I just think it's really dumb. And I think it's reckless on these adults behalf that are running the country. They're keeping art and music away from the youth and that's not right.

You can go to a hockey game and people are drinking way more there and people are punching each other and getting in fights in the stands and on the ice. So I don't understand why you can't go to a little small club where they serve alcohol.

A bunch of my favourite bands are playing this year and I can’t even get in because they just won’t [let me in] … I tweeted that out too a few B.C. legislative people, and I tagged them and I know they can see it and they just didn’t respond.

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