Fergie's wiki by Tom Kershaw

Fergie, whose real name is Stacy Ann Ferguson, was born and raised in Hacienda Heights, California.

Fergie was brought up a devout Catholic. But as a teenager and young woman, Fergie faced a hard battle with methamphetamine.[1] Now, the singer seems to have come full-circle and rejoined the flock. Fergie credits God for helping her kick her habit, saying:

I had a conversation with God, basically. I don’t know how to interpret this, but he said, ‘I’ve given you this beautiful gift (singing) and you’re throwing it away.’[2]

Now she lists going to church as one of her favorite activities, saying:

On Saturday nights, we [she and husband Josh Duhamel] like going to mass, then dinner. It feeds our spiritual side, and it’s great to hear Josh sing in church – he’s a great singer. Then we go out and have a really nice wine, like all good Catholics.[3]

Furthermore, she and Duhamel were married in a Catholic ceremony.[4]

But judging from Fergie’s on-stage performances, one would have to conclude that she’s one of those “open-to-gratuitous-exhibitionism” Catholics.

Black Eyed Politics

Politically, Fergie comes off pretty liberal. She’s certainly a Democrat, having actively supported Obama in 2008. She even called his nomination acceptance speech “amazing” and “excellent.”[5] Fergie has been a regular at the White House since good 'ol Obama took office. She gave a private concert to Obama’s daughters[6] and performed at the White House Easter Egg Hunt. Though, that performance didn’t go over too well and some parents complained, particularly after Fergie, while dressed in less-than-modest attire, sang:

If you ain’t got no money take your broke ass home.[7]

Fergie does have a bit of a political agenda. She sang Obama’s praises in 2010, with one caveat, saying:

I think Barack Obama definitely gave a different perspective of America on other countries and I think in terms of foreign relations he’s really helped us and the way people think about America. But I wish he would do more for gay marriages, though. That’s the one thing I want to happen![8]

Obviously, this was before Obama became the first president to explicitly endorse gay marriage, subsequently causing the end of the world for millions of religious conservatives.[9] Now, Fergie must just think Obama’s the greatest thing since meth.

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