Elon Musk thinks Putin is significantly richer than him

Elon Musk said (00:07) ‘I think Putin is significantly richer than me.’

Elon Musk On Putin, Nuclear Power, And Love - YouTube

Hi @helpingout , thanks for submitting! What does this quote say about Musk’s political opinions?

Putin is arguably one of the most important political figures at this time and yet nobody knows for certain exactly what his wealth is. This claim that Putin would have such a large amount of wealth that it would make one of the richest men in the world implies the political power of russia is very stong

What political labels would you assing Elon Musk based on this Fact?

I am unable to elaborate any further than my previous post - that Putin Russias President is one of the richest men in the world and therefore his political power is great both in his influence over people and his ability to act due to his wealth.

I think this is a very interesting political statement from Elon Musk. The reason it might not be relevant to Hollowverse is that we only accept Facts that yield labels or Tags about the celeb. Labels being things like “Republican”, “Believes in Climate Change”, “Donates to Democrats”, “Anti Crypto Regulations”, “Pro Small Government”, etc…With this submission, I’m not sure what label we can assign to Elon Musk. Like I don’t think it would make sense to have a label like “Says Putin has great political power.”

But again, this is an interesting political statement. We should consider including such Facts even if they don’t yield any Tags. But until we figure out that part, I think we should focus on Facts that yield Tags archive this submission.

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