Drew Barrymore Urges Support for India Amid Covid-19 Crisis

In her message of love and hope for the people of India amid the Covid-19 crisis, Drew Barrymore said:

This one is a special message to the people of India. A lot of you guys already know about my deep-rooted connection with the country and how I’ve always loved India for its culture, its people and so much more! It truly holds a very special place in my heart. During my visits I’ve met so many wonderful people who’ve truly inspired me as a person, which propelled me to write a chapter in my book too.

Today, as we cope with the worldwide situation, my heart goes out to the people of India who’re trying hard to hold it together. My sincere wishes and prayers to you to stay strong and believe that we will come out stronger together. I came across a couple of articles online that truly invigorated a sense of faith and positivity in me, like a 110-year-old Covid-19 survivor in India or a man donating his entire life’s savings towards relief. Countless people, celebrities and organisations coming together and pledging support, people starting food centres and relief groups – and this is truly the need of the hour. A small contribution could really help and make a giant difference, and even save a life! I’m doing my bit and urge you to do whatever is in your capacity. [0:03]

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Source: Drew Barrymore shares a message of love and hope for the people of India - Zee Cafe - YouTube 2021-05-07T16:00:00Z

Hi Annie! Thanks for submitting. The message was kind and heartfelt, but doesn’t tell us about her political beliefs. We don’t know exactly what she thinks of COVID, and she didn’t donate to any cause that is political in nature.