Don’t forget my wikis for John Wayne

Hey! @mksafi Don’t forget my wikis for John Wayne.

Hey Hunter, so I’ve been looking at your submissions, but I’m not sure how to incorporate them into John Wayne’s page. hollowverse.com/john-wayne

You can see on his page that we don’t have the same old “Fact” format that Victor used to do. Now we have “wikis” which are just articles, really.

The current article that we have up for John Wayne was written by Caitlin Frye in 2012 John Wayne's wiki by Caitlin Frye.

If you want to add or change some information in Caitlin’s article, you can edit it. Or you can write a completely new article and then we can replace Caitlin’s article with yours.

But I also wanna add that we’re still working on the new website, so in the near future making contributions will be easier. For example, it will be possible to create a new page for a new public figure and just add a couple of sentences as a summary for their religious beliefs and political views. You wouldn’t have to write an entire article.

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