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28 Aug 2020

In an interview with ET, Debra Messing said

Have I always been this political? No, not at all. I really think that when I became global ambassador for HIV/AIDS through the NGO Population Services International about 12 years ago and I started traveling to sub-Saharan Africa and then coming back and testifying on the Hill to try and procure money for these preventions and other treatments, I think that was when it really sort of clicked into me that, you know, people have needs. And we have this government that we can go and try to get support from and, obviously I’m not a congressperson, but as someone who is a public person, I was given this platform that’s a privilege and so, I really just try to use my platform for good.


It is surreal. I honestly thought I was being punk’d when I first saw it. But it really was absurd, because I felt like, well, I’m nobody. Like, why [is Donald Trump] talking about me? Why are you talking to me? Why can’t you be talking about the children who are in cages right now? So my response was to encourage him to focus on the things that really mattered and I really wasn’t one of them.

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