David Harbour said "I believe that we create a life with our consciousness"

David Harbour discussed his current religious philosophy with The Pitch.

“Are you ready for this, people? This is an exclusive: David Harbour’s, wacky religious philosophies. I believe that we create a life with our consciousness. So therefore I think life is an extension of just, like, our brains. So I don’t really believe in the paranormal. I think that it’s all kind of happening now. I don’t really believe in ghosts or monsters, but I still get scared of the dark too. So what does that say about me? I’m just gullible or something.”

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Source: We talked to David Harbour — Chief Hopper on Netflix's Stranger Things — about his visit to KC and what to expect from Season Three

Hi Cristie. Since this sentence is part of the same paragraph from the source you posted in the last fact, I merged the two of them. They are now the same fact here: David Harbour was Catholic and a Buddhist