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3 Apr 2005

During "The Heaven and Earth Show", BBC1, Christopher Eccleston said

I'm an atheist. My mother is very religious, a churchgoer. She would often encourage me to go to church as well, but never forced it upon me, which I thought was quite decent of her. [...] There was no defining moment in which I decided there was no god for me, it was more of a growing process. I do feel that whatever religious beliefs I had as a child were foisted upon me. It's like when you ask where Grandma went when she died, and you'd be told that she went to heaven. I wouldn't necessarily view that as a bad thing, but it was stuff like that which I think hindered my intellectual development. Now that I've grown, I prefer a different interpretation.
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Hi Max! The video is quite long. Do you have a specific quote where Christopher says he’s an atheist, or perhaps a timestamp at least?

Here’s another article that mentions it

Thank you, we’ll post it! I will use a book as reference because it is more reliable than the FFRF, but that quote is great!