Chris Pratt’s Anti-Meth P.S.A

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In the cover of GQ Magazine for Anti-Meth P.S.A., Chris Pratt said:

We are in Joshua Tree, which is even hotter

than Palm Springs.

And there’s a faint hint of meth in the air,

which makes you mother fucker sweat.

Here, see right here?

This lady just started meth.

Now watch.


Boom, ooh!

Boom, ahh!

Boom (gasps).

Boom, yeah.

Don’t do meth.

This part’s fun, right here, that’s a lot of fun.

That’s no fun.

All this stuff, that’s not fun.

That is bad.

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Hi Ann! Being anti-meth is not exactly a political statement unless you’re talking about banning meth, which is different than warning against it’s use. Adding him as anti-drugs would be a bit unfair considering that would imply he’s anti-weed and anti-lsd, which isn’t necessarily true.