Chris Farley's wiki

Political Beliefs
Mr.Farley never got into politics. So unfortunately it is unknown.
Chris Farley was born in Madison,WI to Thomas Farley and Mary Anne Farley. Chris was the middle of 5 kids. Chris attended Marquette University in Milwaukee with a degree in Communications and Theater. Chris than went on to Try out for Second City he got the job. However Lorne Michaels the Creator of SNL was there and hired him as a cast member. Chris was a member from 1990-1995 Chris Farley first leading role film was Tommy Callahan in the cult classic Tommy Boy than he had other leading roles in Black Sheep, Almost Heros and Beverly Hills Ninja. His last ever movie appearance was a minor role in Dirty Work. He was also going to voice Shrek in which he never got to do.
On December 18th 1997. Mr.Farley passed away from a Drug overdose in Chicago.
Funeral and Burial
His funeral was held on December
He is buried in Madison.
Mr.Farley still has a large fan base. The Wisconsin Icon (Farley) Is undoubtedly the funniest man to come from Wisconsin. Comedian Adam Sandler wrote a song titled “Farley” in which shows photos of the cast of SNL hanging out with him and Sandler singing about the good times and unfortunately the bad time (His Passing). Mr.Farley is undoubtedly one of the funniest guys to ever to live.