Chris Evans on Gun Violence

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Gun Control

# Pro-Gun Control
17 Jun 2022

In a video message by ‘A Starting Point,’ discussing about gun violence, Chris Evans said

When Mark and I began this, we knew we were going to be sitting down with a lot of elected officials that we disagreed with, sometimes adamantly. But but we felt strongly that that the way forward in the political landscape was that if you chose to ignore the people’s opinions who were different from your own, specifically elected officials who are already in office and have power we felt that was more pernicious than making this a landscape of competing ideas where the best idea wins and forcing elected officials to stand by their beliefs and have open discussions. And as a result like I said, we sat down with a lot of people that we disagreed with strongly. It’s been incredibly frustrating knowing that some of those elected officials that we sat with are still using this site today and refused to have this discussion. Elected officials that I know that we at asp feel strongly that certain elected officials are directly connected to this very issue and it’s just, it’s beyond maddening and and I just want to thank again Senator Markey for for having this discussion. You’re the only one who is willing to do it and it’s just a real testament to your sense of duty and honor and I got nothing but respect for you. Thank you again.
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