Bruce Lee's beliefs and ideas

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Honestly what I believe is bruce may not have really believed in God in the moral sense but it doesn’t mean he didn’t believe in a higher purpose no-one can honestly say he went to heaven when he died but honestly no-one can really say he went to hell either because no one knows what bruce Lee’s last words were when he died and I don’t technically believe that there is such thing as an atheist most people that say they don’t believe in God is because their either hurt or lost telling someone you don’t believe in god or telling yourself that doesn’t make it true but believing it in your heart completely different now I can believe these tribes that doesn’t or has never seen american culture that has no television or has no contact outside there tribe I believe those people do not know who God is because they weren’t taught but for everyone else all around the world that hears the word GOD in their every day life those are the ones who knows he’s real and knows in their hearts that he is real they just tell themselves he’s not because they don’t fully understand the whole meaning of christianity but it doesn’t mean they don’t know the truth so NO I don’t believe bruce was truly atheist no-one in modern times is no matter how many times you tell yourself that it still doesn’t make it so.

I also think he’s not atheist because he talks about god in some of his interviews please don’t ask which ones because I saw them a couple of years ago so I can’t tell you which ones but I will say he believed in god.

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