Brie Larson is against Muslim Ban

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When Robert Lowe expressed on Twitter his thoughts’ about Muslim Ban, Brie Larson said

thank you for speaking out

:link: Link to the source? (twitter, youtube, instagram, CNBC, NYTimes, etc)

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Against Muslim ban

Hi Maria. I don’t get what view Brie Larson is expressing here?

Hi Victor, in that case, Brie Larson is answering Rob Lowe’s tweet which says " Just landed. Saw grandmas and little children dragging heavy luggage for BLOCKS just trying to get home. #laxprotest "

The source is https://twitter.com/RobLowe/status/825940215072059392
And below that tweet you can see Brie Larson’s answer.

I did see that. What I don’t get is what Rob Lowe is trying to say, and if Brie Larson is being earnest or sarcastic.