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Religion: Billie Eilish is an hardcore atheist & anti theist. Her extreme opposition to religious affiliations derived from philosophical & political views. She supports completely prohibiting Christianity, Islam, Judaism Etc. Ever since 2016, Billie Eilish has been advocating for radical secularism.

Political views: Billie Eilish has clearly demonstrated to be in possession of the liberal ideology. Her economic perspective is a Keynesian school styled system similar to Finland & Switzerland. Capitalism with public healthcare & education along with massive government regulatory intervention in the market. She supports high & proportional taxation and desires an enormous welfare state. Shes in favor of the federal reserve & central banking system. Her social are more rather far left progressive than left liberal. Shes for radical LGBTQ such as transgender surgery for minors, lgbtq in the education system, gender ideology & believing that society is oppressively marginalizing queer communities. Shes heavily in favor of abortion & frequently protests. She preaches during concerts & live events about bodily autonomy. She wants to abolition the possession of firearms & melee weapons. One her most prominent views are anti free speech & ridiculing those that fundamentally disagree with her opinions. An example of this was during her Black lives matter rant, she stated people against blm was another reason to ban free speech.