Arnold Schwarzenegger's wiki

Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Austrian-American actor, politician, and bodybuilder (among many other things). He was born in Austria on July 30, 1947, to his mother Aurelia, and his father Gustav, the local chief of police.

At the age of 14, Arnold went into bodybuilding. It would become a worthwhile endeavor as he ultimately became the youngest ever Mr. Olympia, a title that he would go on to win a total of seven times.

His career as a bodybuilder led him to moving to the US in 1968, where he would eventually make a name for himself not only in bodybuilding, but in films and politics.

He earned his first role in 1970 in the movie, Hercules in New York, which led to a slew of minor roles that would struggle to uplift his acting career. However, he earned his breakout role in the 1982 film, Conan the Barbarian, that would eventually lead to his most famous and iconic role in 1984’s, The Terminator. The film slingshot Arnold into the spotlight and led to a lasting and successful acting career.

Catholic Ways

Schwarzenegger has cited his Catholic upbringing many times, and even come out as a devout Catholic[1], but it’s unclear if it still holds true to this day.

In a YouTube video posted by Schwarzenegger, he states:

I grew up Catholic, I went to church, I went to Catholic school, I learned the Bible and my catechisms, and from those days I remember a phrase that is relevant today: a servant’s heart. It means serving something larger than yourself.[2]

Actor Turned Politician

Schwarzenegger is most politically recognized for his time as the Governor of California from 2003 to 2011 under the Republican Party.

Despite being a part of the Republican party, Schwarzenegger was quite moderate and well-liked by most people, driving forward a popular act that heavily reduced the emission of greenhouse gasses.

After his time in office, Arnold continued to use his fame and influence within the political sphere. Even though he is still a part of the Republican party, he has put forth ideas and suggestions that seem quite controversial to the current Republican dogma.

He states that the Republic party should be:

…environmentally progressive, socially liberal, and fiscally conservative.[3]

And continues with:

The politics of division and anger and resentment can drive a strong base to the polls, yes, but it is tearing our country apart at the seams. And nothing is getting done.[4]

One of Arnold’s more recent “hot takes” within politics was in a YouTube video from 2021. In response to the Capitol riot, Schwarzenegger states:

He [Trump] will go down in history as the worst president ever.[5]

Arnold Schwarzenegger has managed to maintain his larger-than-life status throughout decades, and has leveraged it all into an admirable life of acting, politics, and philanthropy.

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