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Anne Hathaway


# Criticizes Trump
# Pro-immigration
17 Jun 2018

On her Instagram, in reference to Trump's family separation immigration policy, Anne Hathaway said

My Dad and I- not to mention my entire family- are disgusted and rocked to our core by the current administration’s shocking decision to separate asylum seeking immigrant families, the consequence of which is creating orphans with living parents. In appreciation of my father, and in honor of all the fathers torn from their children because of this brutal policy, I am making a donation to @americansforimmigrantjustice in my father’s name (link in my bio). I invite you to join me and make a donation of any size in your father’s name. Also, for those of you who are going to slam me for politicizing Father’s Day- I’m Jerry Hathaway’s daughter and I speak my mind: you are on the wrong side of history.
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