Angry Grandpa’s near death experience

Angry Grandpa

Angry Grandpa

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16 Sep 2012

In a video on his Youtube Channel talking about his near death experience, Angry Grandpa said

There were demons in every corner of my room. [...] I knew I was going to hell. All of a sudden, there was a light, I started falling. You hear this story from a lot of people, but I actually experienced it. I was falling, and the light was so bright, sunglasses wouldn't stop that light, bright as it was. There was my mama, my dad, my grandmother, people from the past, a girl that I knew when I was younger who commited suicide. She was there. [...] She's with me now, she talks to me now. People say "You're crazy", but nah I ain't crazy. [...] A voice came from nowhere and said "Not now, Charlie. Maybe later, but not now".
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