Angelina Jolie on Trump's Impeachment

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In an interview at the premiere of “Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil,” Angelina Jolie said:

I don’t think that’s — I really didn’t want to speak politics tonight. But so I you know, we live in a country of laws and and we have to have those laws. And I don’t believe it should be my opinion right, the something as serious as impeachment, something as serious as what what would lead to that or what has happened is not for me to decide. It’s not my opinion about it that ever matters. It’s about the the facts and the law. And I will have to trust that will play itself out in strength as this country is a country of laws. [1:22]

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Hi Ann! I think Angelina Jolie didn’t express any clear political view here. She is stating a fact: her opinion does not matter in the impeachment process. It seems she didn’t want to express any specific opinion here.